Your house has been on the market for some time now, yet you wonder why there are no takers. Some of the reasons why you haven’t sold your house include average market time, location, market conditions, and comparable homes sold and are under contract.

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However, these reasons may be beyond your control. Take a look at some factors that you CAN control. They may be why your house hasn’t sold yet.

Not Preparing

When you’ve sufficiently prepped your house, potential homeowners would think you’ve maintained your house well. They want a well-kept home so they won’t have to be bothered with renovations and repairs later on.

Not Hiring The Right Real Estate Agent

You need a real estate agent that’s hands-on. The modern professional works with you to sell your house as soon as possible and at a price fair to all concerned parties.

The right agent will give you an honest opinion about what’s needed to attract homebuyers. The right agent also comes up with an aggressive selling plan to attract such buyers. Moreover, the agent would communicate with you at each step of the selling process.

Inaccessible For Showing

When you decide to sell your home, you need to be flexible for showings and keep your home “show ready” at all times. This means keeping your house tidy and neat for homebuyers.

This also means you should not be at home for showings as much as possible. Potential homebuyers would want to see themselves living in your space, and may feel that you’re intruding. A homebuyer’s chances of wanting your house are reduced when they feel rushed or “foreign” with you around.

When you have a scheduled showing, open the curtains and blinds, and turn the lights on. Make your home feel bright, light, and inviting for potential buyers.

Incorrect Pricing

Pricing your home is important from the very beginning. Homebuyers are becoming smarter and savvier, and they research online to know how a home is priced in your area. If you overprice your home, you may not get a chance of a quick sale.

There’s also an appraisal matter. If there’s no appraisal, potential buyers won’t be able to get financing. Thus, price your home correctly — it’ll save you a lot of aggravation and hassle.

Not Staged The Home

Staging your home can be a simple process of rearranging furniture or decluttering it. It’s all about emphasizing your home’s best features, and trying not to highlight the worst features. It’s also about creating a clean space to help buyers see themselves and their furniture in the space. It’s especially important to stage the primary living areas.

No High-Quality Photos

About 90% of homebuyers look for their future homes online. How can you sell your house if you don’t post good quality images? Try to hire a professional photographer who knows how to capture each room’s best features.